Comedy in the Crown goes pro

Almost three years ago, my friend and I started a free, open mic comedy night at a pub in St Albans. Comedy in the Crown quickly grew from an experiment held once a month, into to a pretty solid, weekly comedy night which we are both rather proud of. So it was fun and exciting to try something new - a night with four professional comedians. We were delighted with the results.

Hal gets mean

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Today I saw a question on twitter which I have seen a few times before. It was posed by the rather excellent and lovely Drew McLellan.

What do you think the best use cases are for a static site generator? Drew McLellan

A sledgehammer and a nut

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Smashing Magazine moves to a JAMstack architecture

Smashing Magazine, the much beloved and prolific resource for web designers and developers, has relaunched with a new design and new membership model. At the same time, it migrated from a variety of platforms which ran its publishing, comments, e-commerce, user management and more, over to a new technology platform and sets a new benchmark in what can be achieved with what was once thought of a basic, static architecture. And it is now live, for Smashing's several million monthly visitors, on Netlify. (Also my new home)

Smashing Magazine relaunch

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Joining R/GA