- A URL shortener powered by Netlify

I've recently started to roll my own short URLs. Using Netlify's optimised edge redirects via Netlify's redirects API is incredibly efficient and gives me URLs which I manage on my own domain instead of farming that out to a third-party provider who might go away.

It is remarkably easy to set up. Here's how.

Ant and leaf

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Keeping Sass simple and speedy on Eleventy

I've experimented with quite a few different static site generators over the years. Currently I'm really enjoying using Eleventy for this site, and feel like I've got the most simple setup I've had in years. Eleventy has some nice tips for compiling your CSS and JavaScript into your site which feel very elegant to me. But for sites with very many pages, these might have a slight overhead for site generation speed, so I'm using a variation to speed things up.


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Adding search to a JAMstack site

Search is often cited as a limitation of static sites. Searching feels dynamic, so surely it is impossible on a static site, right? Thankfully not. Here is a nice technique to use with most any static site generator and a little JavaScript as a progressive enhancement to add search functionality to your JAMstack site.


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Joining R/GA