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15 February, 2010

Nodejs I just have to use it for something

A little while ago, inspired by Simon Willison’s demo of Nodejs at the FullFrontal conference, I felt the urge to make something, anything, using Nodejs. Nodejs gives lightening fast, event driven IO with Javascript running server-side in the rather nippy V8 Javascript engine. Until Nodejs, I hadn’t seen much need to bring Javascript to the server other than for testing and as a bit of a novelty. Nodejs changed all of that.

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13 March, 2009

Leveraging Jquery and Jquery Plugins in TiddlyWiki

The recent release of TiddlyWiki v2.5 included something rather exciting for me: jQuery, the popular Javascript library is now part of the TiddlyWiki core.

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15 February, 2009

Mashing up flickr in the client with jQuery

Recently I saw Tim Stevens post on Twitter about a slide show he had built using his Liveloom application. His slide show grabs some photos from Flickr tagged with ‘Osmosoft’ and then renders them with all manner of visual effects using Flex. While the visual effects available via Tim’s app are impressive, I’m a big advocate of open web standards and enjoy making things from HTML and Javascript, rather than using tools like Flex.

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5 January, 2009

Unobtrusify your Javascript

Recently Jon Lister, a colleague of mine at Osmosoft showed me a website made by his friend Joshua Bradley. The site, used some of the Javscript code from TiddlyWiki’s animation engine to create some nice visual effects. I loved the design, but could see some room for improvement in the implementation. I’m a big advocate of Unobtrusive Javascript and Progressive Enhancement and so I set about producing a quick demo of how a similar result could be achieved in the most Web-kind and accessible way available using jQuery for the behaviors.

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27 August, 2008

Announcing JigglyWiki. A TiddlyWiki experiment with jQuery

Once upon a time I was resistant to the idea of Javascript libraries. That was due to a couple of things. Firstly, I was comfortable with writing the Javascript for my projects myself and didn’t like the idea of relying on someone else’s code which I couldn’t easily inspect. Secondly, at the time there weren’t really any libraries. Then there were a few, but they were all, well, to be blunt, a bit pants.

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