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Prerendering is the key to a tasty Jamstack

2019 seemed to be the year that the term JAMstack started to really grow in popularity with more web developers than ever before. It is approach that I have believed in for many years. Netlify (where I work) was created to enable exactly this type of architecture and indeed coined the very term.

But JAMstack can sound confusing. There are a number of emerging interpretations. In my opinion, there is one aspect of JAMstack which absolutely key: Pre-rendering.

Here is a short explanation about why.

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February 26th 2020

Now with added video demo, @jlengstorf explains how you can double the speed of your @gatsby builds with gatsby-parallel-runner.

February 25th 2020

Woah! A good day for @gatsbyjs build speeds! ✨

First the gatsby-parallel-runner contribution from @biilmann, and now a tutorial on using it from @jlengstorf to make image-heavy Gatsby builds on @Netlify nearly 2× faster!

February 25th 2020

RT @Netlify: 🏎🚨 Speedy Gatsby Builds! 🏎🚨

Gatsby introduced powerful OSS features that allow massive build speed improvements for sites w/…

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