You can usually find me on Twitter. And you can sometimes find me at web development conferences, where I might be talking about development techniques. I blog here less frequently than I'd like, but manage it a little more often on the Netlify blog.

Wherever you find me, online or in the real world, please do come and say a friendly hello.

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Keeping Sass simple and speedy on Eleventy

I've experimented with quite a few different static site generators over the years. Currently I'm really enjoying using Eleventy for this site, and feel like I've got the most simple setup I've had in years. Eleventy has some nice tips for compiling your CSS and JavaScript into your site which feel very elegant to me. But for sites with very many pages, these might have a slight overhead for site generation speed, so I'm using a variation to speed things up.


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The flag for Utrecht, Netherlands Fronteers Workshop: Netlify & Static Site Generators

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January 12th 2019

Heading to San Francisco for the @Netlify all hands meeting.

✈️ 🤗 🧠 🎉

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January 11th 2019

Gleefully showing off the hoodie kindly sent to me by @wesbos in the second instalment of Ask Netlify.

Now preparing for episode 3 where I eagerly await:

🧐 Your questions
😎 Your contributed geek couture

January 10th 2019


I've been wanting to do this for some time... but then @mxbck implements Webmentions beautifully on his @eleven_ty site and shares exactly how with more clarity than I could have hoped for.


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