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Prerendering is the key to a tasty Jamstack

2019 seemed to be the year that the term JAMstack started to really grow in popularity with more web developers than ever before. It is approach that I have believed in for many years. Netlify (where I work) was created to enable exactly this type of architecture and indeed coined the very term.

But JAMstack can sound confusing. There are a number of emerging interpretations. In my opinion, there is one aspect of JAMstack which absolutely key: Pre-rendering.

Here is a short explanation about why.

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April 1st 2020

Noting that @hey_stac are refunding tickets, and instead asking £19 to participate in their new online event. Which I'd heartily support.

Speaking of support, they are also mindful of those who currently find themselves out of work.

I love this spirit!

April 1st 2020

Lots of events are shifting to being online right now, but I'm particularly excited about this one. The team behind it are really giving thought to maintaining a sense of community as it goes virtual.

I can't imagine it will be anything other than wonderful.

Join us there?

March 31st 2020

So much good stuff happens as a result of listening to @shortdiv!

Plus, @davatron5000 and @chriscoyier are no fools either, so this episode of @ShopTalkShow is bound to a be a good 'un!

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