You can usually find me on Mastodon (I've stopped posting on Twitter now, but you can find an archive of my tweets on this site).

You can also sometimes find me at web development conferences, where I might be talking about development techniques. I blog here less frequently than I'd like, but manage it a little more often on the Netlify blog.

Wherever you find me, online or in the real world, please do come and say a friendly hello.

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Lessons learned from millions of automated deployment over 4 years, and how Edge Functions can help. Posted on

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November 22nd 2022

Eye-wateringly cool reflections and detail now possible in Unreal Engine.

November 21st 2022

This is a lovely account of 🐘's journey to, and experience at #ffConf

November 20th 2022

Last straw reached.

Terribly sad that it has come to this after I got so much from twitter over the years. But I'm not prepared to participate in Musk's nonsense.

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