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Recently on the blog - A URL shortener powered by Netlify

I've recently started to roll my own short URLs. Using Netlify's optimised edge redirects via Netlify's redirects API is incredibly efficient and gives me URLs which I manage on my own domain instead of farming that out to a third-party provider who might go away.

It is remarkably easy to set up. Here's how.

Ant and leaf

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March 18th 2019

Smiling at this ipsum generator... um... generator from @PostlightStudio.

Feed it same URLs as the source for your own ipsum generator.
Made with some @Netlify Functions fu in the background.

March 18th 2019

I really like this. I've been meaning to make my own dashboard showing the status any of my sites that I care about by just including a list of @Netlify deploy badges.

But @lekoarts_de beat me to it with this nice example.

March 18th 2019

RT @jamstackconf: ⚡️ Announcing workshops at @JAMstack Conf, NYC ⚡️

Building a serverless application — with @DavidWells
Info and tickets…

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