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Wherever you find me, online or in the real world, please do come and say a friendly hello.

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Adding search to a JAMstack site

Search is often cited as a limitation of static sites. Searching feels dynamic, so surely it is impossible on a static site, right? Thankfully not. Here is a nice technique to use with most any static site generator and a little JavaScript as a progressive enhancement to add search functionality to your JAMstack site.


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November 16th 2018

Right now, my wonderful sister is taking 3 days out of her busy life (which she already dedicates to helping others) to walk 60 miles in memory of a loved one robbed from the world by breast cancer.

Join me in cheering her on. ♥️

November 16th 2018

Waving a fond farewell to Copenhagen and the marvelous people of #ColdFront18.

Big love to the organisers, speakers and attendees who make the event such a delight.

(And a knowing nod of respect to those who ingeniously plundered the stage decor for seating at the party)

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