You can usually find me on Twitter. And you can sometimes find me at web development conferences, where I might be talking about development techniques. I blog here less frequently than I'd like, but manage it a little more often on the Netlify blog.

Wherever you find me, online or in the real world, please do come and say a friendly hello.

Recently on the blog - A URL shortener powered by Netlify

I've recently started to roll my own short URLs. Using Netlify's optimised edge redirects via Netlify's redirects API is incredibly efficient and gives me URLs which I manage on my own domain instead of farming that out to a third-party provider who might go away.

It is remarkably easy to set up. Here's how.

Ant and leaf

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Next conference appearance

The flag for Toronto, ON, Canada JAMstack meetup

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June 26th 2019

And then Brad got an ice cream.
And Brad was happy.

June 26th 2019

"It's easier to make a fast website that to keep a website fast"
— @scottjehl at #SmashingConf

So true!

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