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Netlify pro tip - Using Split Testing to power private beta releasesRead this post on the site on which it was posted.

An explanation and short video demo of how to create your own opt-in UI for a private beta features of your site using Netlify features like branch deploys and split testing.

You could use this with any type of site you like, regardless of what tools or static site generator you used to create it. The example in the video was a site created with Hugo, but it could be anything. I also use it regularly with sites made with Gatsby or Eleventy.

read more Read this post on the site on which it was posted.

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September 18th 2019

They say there are only 2 hard things in computer science:
- cache invalidation
- naming things

One of these can be a solved problem!

@Netlify deploys give sub-second cache invalidation over a globally distributed ADN🤯

(Or CDN or whatever you call it)

September 18th 2019

Tsk. International espionage these days.
I dunno. 🙄

If you like @MrMichaelSpicer's The Room Next Door (and of course you do), you'll like this.

September 18th 2019

Another amazing line-up!
And not long to go now.

Getting really rather excited about @jamstackconf returning to San Francisco.

A single track event.
(With possibly my favourite corridor track of any event)

Tickets! Quick! 🎟

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