You can usually find me on Twitter. And you can sometimes find me at web development conferences, where I might be talking about development techniques. I blog here less frequently than I'd like, but manage it a little more often on the Netlify blog.

Wherever you find me, online or in the real world, please do come and say a friendly hello.

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Power up Gatsby sites with A/B testing on NetlifyRead this post on the site on which it was posted.

If you host your Gatsby site with Netlify, you can create A/B or multi-variant tests without the need for client-side UI manipulation or other JavaScript intervention. This post and demo video explain how.

read more Read this post on the site on which it was posted.

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August 24th 2019

Like Jekyll?
You’ll love @eleven_ty.

August 23rd 2019

Must talk faster.
Must talk faster.

August 23rd 2019

As someone who works in a different timezone to most of his colleagues (and as someone who can't help but glance at notifications in @SlackHQ when he's out and about) I really really really really would benefit from a "mark as unread" option.


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