I often find myself making sites as side projects. My starting point for these tends to evolve and, of course, depends on the requirements of the project, but I have a very common basic set of needs and tools that I like to use. Lately, I've been learning and enjoying using Tailwind CSS for utility-first CSS. Combining that with Eleventy, which I often use as a static site generator, is fun and productive, so I've made a simple project bootstrap and shared it as a project template on GitHub.

All I need now is a silly pun or portmanteau for a name and... wait... behold! ElevenTail is born!

ElevenTail screenshot

What does ElevenTail provide?

ElevenTail is just the starting point that I use when building a site where I want to have:

ElevenTail is not a product, it's just something I maintain to use for myself. If you think it might be useful to you too, then great, go for it! Suggestions and contributions as pull requests are also welcome.

One-click deploy

Ok, it might be 2 clicks. But you can try ElevenTail for yourself with this speedy automated deploy. Clicking the button below will:

  1. Clone the ElevenTail git repo into your GitHub account. (You will be asked for the required permissions to add the repo for you)
  2. A new site will be created for you in Netlify, and linked to your shiny new repo.
  3. A CI/CD pipeline will have been set up, so you'll then be able to deploy changes simply by pushing changes to your repo.
  4. That's it really.

Try it. I double-dare you.

Deploy to Netlify