After a few great years at The Team, the time has come to move to new pastures. Leaving a job is always, I find, an exciting but difficult experience and this feels particularly true in this case.

I joined The Team tasked with leading the way for the front-end development efforts across all of our clients and projects, but soon became responsible for all of the development and technical output of the agency. This represented a significant challenge for me, and it has not been a road entirely free from bumps.

I take significant pride in the journey that The Team has taken in this time, and have particular affection and respect for past and present members of my team, the development team. I feel safe in saying that the quality and efficiency of that small team's work has steadily been improving and over the last couple of years the team has evolved into something really rather special.

During my time at The Team, I've also been involved in countless impassioned debates about what is important on the Web. These have been in stark contrast to the debates I had at Osmosoft where the vantage point was a little different. Being surrounded by talented designers, some of whom have rather different relationships with the web than myself has been frustrating, challenging, rewarding and enlightening.

I cherish heartfelt debate with smart people who disagree with me

During my time here, I've been incredibly lucky to work with some outrageous talent from all aspects of the web design and development fields. It's hard to describe the excitement when all of the pieces fall into place perfectly and the work lives up to your collective expectations. It's safe to say that I've made some great friends here as part of the experience.

I've also worked on the occasional stinker where I've done a less than stellar job and those projects yielded some of the biggest lessons for me. Tough, but true.

So, thanks for everything, you folks at The Team. You've been amazing and I'm sorry to be moving on. But now, a new challenge awaits.