The time has come to close a precious chapter of my career. Six years ago I joined R/GA, and by crikey, it has been quite a ride. I'll soon be handing in my "R/GA badge and gun" to move on to my next adventure, and I'm incredibly excited about it. But more on that later. For now, I want to take a breath and reflect on six rewarding years.

My R/GA badge and gun

Agency life is not easy. Nor is it for everyone. But working at R/GA in London represents, I think, one of the best agency working experiences around. Yes it has been intense at times. Yes there have been some sleepless nights. But the skills of my colleagues, the level of the ambition, and the quality of the work, have made for an unforgettable time.

On not taking things for granted

Unless you are careful, staying in the same company for a few years allow you to start taking one or two things for granted.

The clients for instance. I've had the good fortune to work on global campaigns for the likes of Google, Nike, Beats By Dre, Dyson, and many more. Many projects have enjoyed a very high profile and global exposure. Truly the kinds of opportunities I could only have dreamt of a few years before joining R/GA.

Another example, would be the eye-watering talent that I have been rubbing shoulders with. Working together with so many truly world class practitioners is something that I'll never forget. To be blunt, I have been spoilt. Knowing for a fact that the work you are doing will always be beautiful and thoughtful. That it will likely win awards. That it could become another jewel in even the snazziest of portfolios. Well, that's a pretty nice position in which to find yourself.


This is not to say that every project has been a breeze. We have had to work hard. Harder than I recall working anywhere else and, on occasion, under some extraordinarily challenging conditions. But this is where the sheer character of my R/GA colleagues has been remarkable. This is a group of people who rally together and achieve impressive outcomes no matter what. And huge respect and tight bonds form from such experiences.

So it is safe to say that I am more than a little sad to be leaving. It has been a defining experience in my professional and personal life. Walking away from the opportunity to work on ever more interesting and potentially famous work, is not to be taken lightly. And the thought of no longer being surrounded by these wonderful friends each day leaves something of a lump in the throat.

What? I don't have wet eyes. You do. Shut up!

Now and next

Why then, would I trade this in? Something pretty compelling must be around the corner to tempt me away.

Well yes. I think it is. And I'm looking forward to being able to share that news soon.

But just now, I'm sending my heartfelt thanks to eveyone at R/GA. You most certainly did not disappoint!