I'm rather excited to be speaking at Texas JavaScript in Austin this year. TXJS takes place on Monday the 15th of April at Austin's rather beautiful Paramount Theatre. This talk will take from my Smelly CMS talk and also touch on aspects of another talk of mine called Excessive Enahnacement.

Here's the synopsis:

You make web sites. Clients want them to include all of the latest exciting fads and "interface shizzle". You want them to render quickly and have a shelf-life longer than that hummus you bought the other day. Clients want to be able to maintain the site themselves, they know about content management systems and are going to invest big money in a real belter. You know that they'll be unleashing their 'creativity' and messing with your mojo.

This talk will explore the good, the bad, and the fugly of rich interfaces, and look at ways to champion what matters. We'll also look at examples of the damaging traces CMSs leave behind in the front-end and at ways to avoid the smell of your CMS wafting over to the user and sacrificing the all-important craftsmanship of good front-end engineering.

This year, TXJS is a single track conference and is organised into topic sections. My talk falls into the rethink.js section with Charlie Robbins and Drew Wilson which is set up like this:

This set of speakers will be talking about thinking differently. These ideas will be framed for a technical audience but often have more to do with you than your computer.