Recently, we at Osmosoft have been trying to make good on one of our pledges: To introduce a unit testing framework to Tiddlywiki development.

Along the way we examined several Javascript testing frameworks and found that JSSpec suited our needs quite nicely. JSSpec resembles the popular RSpec testing framework popularly used by Ruby developers.

As a result, I have been dabbling away at writing tests in my favoured text editor - the rather lovely Textmate. Since this is a repetitive task, I figured that it was worth creating some helper to speed things along. Textmate offers an easy to make powerful bundles to automate tasks and help you in your code development and so I quickly put together a JSSpec bundle Textmate. This simple bundle offers a set of snippets which can act as a quick reference of what methods are available in JSSpec and let you rapidly create your test code. Textmate users can download this bundle and just double-click it to make it available for use in Textmate.

Download the bundle

I won't go into the workings of testing with JSSpec here, rather, you can learn about that at the official site.

Feel free to take this bundle and modify it to fit your purpose. Enjoy.