In a few days I will be speaking at Full Frontal in Brighton. This conference, now in its third year, has done a great job of capturing so much of what is important and exciting to many front-end web developers.

I've attended Full Frontal each year so far and so I'm rather delighted to get the chance to speak. The technical community in Brighton is fantastic and attracts smart speakers and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience from far and wide. Somehow I've managed to fight my way in and find myself on a list with some awesome speakers.

This is both nerve racking and genuinely exciting.

I'll be slightly running the risk of being the wet blanket of the conference as I'll talk about the pitfalls of being seduced by all the cool things that we can do in modern web browsers. Other speakers will most likely be showing all manner of engaging, bleeding-edge developments in Javascript and browser technologies, perhaps eliciting the occasional "ooh" and "ah" from the crowd. I'm confident though, that while we web developers love making exciting interfaces and experiences, we do also value the underlying integrity of that thing that feeds us: The Web.

At least, that's the drum that I'm bringing to bang.

I'll post my slides along with a look back at the conference on this site after the event and coverage from the other speakers will most likley also be posted on Lanyrd.