Just in time for the 2008 NBA playoffs, and heavily influenced by Robbie Clutton's marvellous UK football scores service, I have created NBA Results

This simple service monitors results published as RSS feeds from TotallyScores and then sends updates to twitter. By following NBA Results on Twitter, you can get alerts of all NBA match results. Only interested in updates for your team? That's fine, you can choose instead to follow your team. There are currently accounts for:

I'll be adding more teams ready for next season, but if you want to make sure that you can get updates on Twitter of your team's results, feel free to email me (phawksworth [at] gmail [dot] com) and push your team to the top of my todo list.

I'm also readying MLB Results to provide Major League Baseball results. MLB Results will be active very soon. As with the NBA teams, please poke me if you want to get updates for your team and I'll be sure to create their account.

The code which drives this, is my first outing into the world of Python. You can find the code here. Feel free to take it and use it as you wish. I also welcome feedback and suggestions on the code, please be gentle though, as I said, this is my first time playing with Python.

Many thanks to the nice folks at Carsonified for permission to use their site's background image on NBA Results. Thanks also to Balakov who published the image used for each NBA team twitter account icon under a Creative Commons license on flickr.